Registration is now open for February 2018 course offerings. Full descriptions are available below.

Tuesday, February 20

Heroes Versus Villains
10 AM to 12 PM. Ages 9-11.
What makes a hero oh-so-valiant and brave? What makes a villain oh-so-evil and dastardly? In this workshop, you’ll be exploring the world of character through immersion writing prompts, creative free writing, and art with author Erin E. Moulton. Prepare to write and sketch your own hero or villain trading card.

Art Is the Lie That Tells the Truth
1 PM to 3 PM. Ages 12-14.
Life is usually the best source of inspiration for stories, but telling the way it actually happened isn’t actually required. Author Melissa Glenn Haber (her autobiography features a 3-inch-tall boy who saves a civilization of mice) will teach you how to turn your experiences into compelling fiction that is still full of truth for others.

Wednesday, February 21

“What Are You Talking About?”
10 AM to 12 PM. Ages 9-11.
“Really!” “Really…” “REALLY?” So much of a story happens between quotation marks: rhythm, dialect, attitude, and emotion. Learn how to write dialogue that gives characters personality, moves the action without a narrator, and lets readers in on the conversation.

(Out of this) World Atlas
1 PM to 3 PM. Ages 6-8. Have you ever cracked open an ancient atlas and planned escapes to countries, worlds, or galaxies far away? We will use our wildest imaginations to dream up out-of-this-world destinations. Leave with a new atlas to plan your next vacation to Mars.

Thursday, February 22

Fade Into… (Screenwriting Basics)
10 AM to 12 PM. Ages 12-14.
Lights! Camera! Writing! Do you have an amazing idea for the next blockbuster? In this workshop, hosted by screenwriter Sean Tuohy, you will learn the basics of screenwriting to get that idea on the page and maybe someday into the theater.

FULL DAY: Field trip to the Egleston Library
The Big(foot) Fairytale
8:30 to 4 PM. Ages 6-8.
Hansel and… Zendaya? Goldilocks and the Three… Dinosaurs? What makes a fairytale? Who gets to be in the story? Come learn how to take apart familiar fairy tales and remix your own in this all-in, all-day workshop.

Friday, February 23

The Character Kitchen
10 AM to 12 PM. Ages 9-11.
Creatures, animals, bitmojis: rejoice! Young writers with a passion for storytelling are about to introduce you to this world! In this workshop, you will cook up the most outrageous characters you can imagine, and the stories of how they came to be.

FULL DAY: Field trip to the Kennedy Institute
Raise Your Voice: The Art of Speechwriting
9 AM to 4 PM. Ages 12-14.
Speeches can offer hope, inspire action, and change the course of history. Learn how to move the masses using the power of words. Join us for a full-day field trip to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, to hear examples from history and craft your own speech.

Registration is now open for February 2018 course offerings.

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