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Wednesday, March 1

February Workshops, Featuring Fantastic Beasts, Jolly Ranchers, and College Preparation

“Close your eyes and visualize what your fantastic beast looks and sounds like…” During February break, students gathered at our Bigfoot Research Institute to participate in workshops in fiction, [...]

Tuesday, February 7

“Pitch Quiet” After-School Book Release Party

“One day Owen was in school, and his parents forgot to pick him up. He hid from the teacher, and then the school closed when he was still inside…” On Feb. 2, after-school students and their [...]

Friday, February 3

Wherever Their Stories Take Them, Our Students Must Feel Safe

We will continue to seek more and more ways to support the students whom we serve. And as always, we will publish their beautiful and inspiring stories, and share them with the world.

Tuesday, December 20

College Day 2016

“The best advice I can give is to utilize the collaborative element that college offers.” On Dec. 10, 826 Boston students heard from six panelists with a diverse range of experiences [...]

Thursday, December 1

Cutting the Ribbon on the Burke Writers’ Room

Release: December 1, 2016 Contact: Jenna Leschuk, 826 Boston Grants and Communications Manager Phone: 617.442.5400 Cell: 617.869.6630 “I believe that every human’s vision is an exceptional piece [...]

Wednesday, November 16

Hot off the Press! Fall Event Raises $150,000 for 826 Boston

Boston Globe Editor and author, Brian McGrory, headlined the event.

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March 30, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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